Thursday, February 19, 2009

Okay, this one might be a little off-color :-) I apologize in advance.

Hubby had an appointment with his urologist today. He's going to switch doctors because he doesn't feel 'comfortable' with this doc. He's foreign and if you don't speak English or redneck, my boy just don't git it.

I was quizzing him on his visit because -- hey!-- that's just what I do. It's my job.

He wasn't very forthcoming with information, so I pressed. And pressed.

"What did he say?" "What did your xray show?" etc-- basic stuff.

Well, it seems he was supposed to take his kidney stones in so they could analyze them to see what caused them. Did he have his stones with him?

Of course not! That's because I took 'em 30 years ago when we got married!

More quizzes... finally, I ask the BIG question---

"Did he stick his finger up your butt?"

He said, WITH FEELING, "NO! I want an American sticking his finger up my butt!"

I nearly peed the bed.

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Nancy from MA said...

That is hysterical. My husband doesn't speak redneck, but would express the same indignance over some "foreigner" getting up close and personal. And I thought I was married to the original Archie Bunker. ROFL