Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things About ME!

I've been tagged a dozen times on Facebook to complete this list, but I think it will be too interesting (LOL) to be shared with just my group of friends there. It's going to be hard, because I'm an open book. On the other hand, a friend says I have multiple personalities, so maybe they can all help.

1. I love the smell of coffee but don't drink it.

2. I am addicted to CSI-- all of 'em. I talk in CSI-speak-- GSR, DB, vic etc.

3. I love nuts. Once I start eating them, I can't stop.

4. I don't have a will yet. I don't plan to go anywhere unless Jesus appears. And then, who cares?

5. I don't know most of the people I am friends with on Facebook.

6. I talk on the phone 8 hours per day. My mom would have called it my dream job when I was a teenager.

7. I had a chance to go to MIT but I was in love.

8. Our last dogs name was Killer. And he thought he was.

9. I am afraid of heights.

10. I am terribly homesick for my friends. If they'd all move here, life would be wonderful.

11. I've never tipped a cow.

12. I see things in the clouds-- camels wearing top hats, smiling alligators.

13. I am a history buff. Mostly English.

14. My first car was a light blue Nova. Paid $500 for it, sold it a year later for $500. Ah, the 70's.

15. I planned to marry Elton John.

16. I am actually a very good seamstress.

17. My aunt could be my half-sister. No, I'm not from West Virginia.

18. All the clothes in my closet face left, but I lean waaaaaayyyy to the right.

19. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Some of you know that personally.

20. I taught Sunday School when I was 12.

21. I have a tatoo. No, you can't see it.

22. I am descended from the Boleyns and the Kings of England. I am royal. :-)

23. I was picked up by a chicken when I was two. Honestly.

24. I am afraid of getting old.

25. My husband calls me the Queen because I enter rooms waving at people I know.

Okay, not interesting. Sorry. :-)

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