Sunday, February 08, 2009

Zen notso Zen for me...

I finally jumped into the 20th century. I got an MP3 player-- a Zen. It's adorable with lots of little square buttons.

It's driving me crazy. I didn't spend this much time in labor. Playlists, Napster--- I am so confused!

I have formatted, reformatted, reformatted my reformat; rinse and repeat. I'm exhausted.

And where did these songs come from that *I* didn't download? I've never heard of these artists and I don't like them taking up my space! I keep deleting them and these phantom songs reappear like a wart. A big hairy one.

If the 20th century is this stressful, I don't want to step into the 21st. I'll stay here, thank you very much. With my 8-tracks and vinyl. I'm good.

My Faves right now on my Zen:

Kenny Chesney-- How Forever Feels; All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan

Doug Stone-- I Thought it was You

Toby Keith-- You shouldn't Kiss me Like This; Getcha Some

Tim and Faith-- Like We Never Loved at All

Steve Wariner-- The Weekend

Rascal Flatts-- I'm Movin' On; My Wish

Garth Brooks-- The Dance

David Lee Murphy-- Dust On The Bottle

Alabama-- everything they ever even thought about recording

Collin Raye-- I Can Still Feel You; In This Life

Cheap Trick-- I want You to Want Me

Clay Walker-- Hypnotize the Moon; What's It to You?

and 700 more.

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