Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm not oblivious-- I'm focused.

For some reason, my darling believes that I am oblivious. To everything.

"No, dear, I didn't see that car."

"No, dear, I didn't notice anything on my 14 mile drive on I-4."

"No, dear, I didn't see a giant mouse standing over there. Are you sure?"

I think it's all perspective. My mind is on a higher plane than mere mortals can grasp, so I only *look* like I'm not paying attention. Inside my itty bitty brain is a Hurricane Charley force of activity and buzzing.

"How can Belle have time to read if she always dancing with the Beast?"

"I wonder what detergent Cinderella uses to keep those gloves so clean?"

You know, important stuff. My Disney friends understand. Right, guys?

Some things I *do* notice. Clouds. Clouds of camels in top hats. Pretty. And shiny things. I notice them too.

I'm not oblivious. I AM FOCUSED.

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