Thursday, February 19, 2009

Phrases that make me fighting MAD.

When are you due? (unless you really are.)

You should have reminded me. (HUH? ME?? I'm not the boss of you.)

Are you watching CSI AGAIN? (You bet. And it's a marathon, so get over it.)

You make a better door than you do a window. ('Nuff said.)

I didn't leave that toilet seat up. (Ratchet times 10 if he's the only male in the house--- times 20 if it caused you to go for a midnight derriere skinny dip.)

You want to go to Wal-mart again? (No, I'll ask the food fairy to make a special delivery.)

Are you going to wear that out in public? (Shall I just take it off?)

Are you going to put some pants on? (I have to give him that one sometimes because I hate wearing clothes.)

And the biggie:

Are you getting ready to start? (Ratchet that times 100 if it comes from spouse. And it does.)

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