Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm really excited!

I get to go home at the end of May and I'm *so* looking forward to it. I've been home three times since we moved here-- the first time was just three weeks after moving here (to attend Darrell's Dads funeral), another the next year to clean out the house, and then this past October to sell the house.

This is the first time I get to go back as a visitor-- and I'm expecting mixed feelings when I get there. We don't plan to go near the house because it'll be too stressful, but we do plan on stopping in to the The Store in Fabulous Gumboro.

I love the beach and the ocean and miss it so much. We had planned on staying in Salisbury in a hotel, but seven nights is just too long in a hotel room, and no pool. I found a condo at Sea Colony, oceanfront, for $12 a night more than the hotel. I am so pumped! Free HSI too, so I can keep in touch with Facebook and my Lizards.

I was able to get some stuff to take up there this morning and I just can't wait!

Now it feels like a vacation!

Now, to work on my tan-- I'll scare little children if I don't have one. I positively GLOW, I'm so white!

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kt-scarlett said...

Gosh I love your writing. Thanks for sharing it with us, Becky.