Monday, February 16, 2009

Queen of Discounts-- that's me.

Many of you know I am fighting aging. Some days I'm winning, other days not so much.

I don't like paying retail. If I want something, I research to see how I can get it cheaper. It usually works. I've gotten great deals on 40 lbs of Dead Sea Salt and 10 lbs of Dead Sea Mud. And THIRTY-SIX Ace bandages for the retail price of three. See? I'm the dealmaker. The DIVA of deals.

I just wanted to get some make-up primer.

No, not spackling. Not grey paint.

I researched several brands and realized they all had the same ingredients as a basic cream that you can get for 25% of the price. That's 75% off, for those of you having trouble keeping up.

This magic cream that makes make-up glide on like butter?

Monistat Hootch Cream.



I decided to go to CVS to pick some up when hubby took me to the doctor the other day.

I invited him to come in with me to enjoy this purchase, but he declined. The exhange went something like this:

"I need to stop by CVS. You wanna come in with me?"

"Okay. What do you need?"

"Well... make-up primer to get rid of my wrinkles."

"You don't have any wrinkles." (Atta boy.)

"Sure I do. You're just old and blind."

"No, I'm not." (He's not completely trained yet.)

"Do you need anything?"

"No. What kind of cream are you getting?"

"Hootch cream."

(blink blink) "Uh....... what kind of cream?"

"Monistat hootch cream."

"Monistat? Isn't that for your.... er...."

"Yep. And it works on my face, too."

"You're going to put that stuff on your FACE?!"


You could have heard a pin drop on carpet.

Tonight he had a ball game and came home a little chafed from his cup.

"Hey--- can I use some of your face cream?"

I am the Queen.

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