Monday, February 16, 2009

Golden Girls---

I remember the day I first met Vicki.

I was 19 and hubby worked at a radio station back home. We went to a Christmas party at the station and there was this girl sitting in Santa's lap. She was 17 and funny as all get out. We talked and talked and found out she grew up down the street from my brother. Later, we worked for the same companies and were great friends.

We made a promise to each several years ago.

When we lose our husbands (or misplace them), we are moving to Miami. Yep.

It'll be Golden---- Girls, that is.

Vick is an adorable blonde, so she's going to be Rose. She's funniest when she isn't trying.

I have no editor on my mouth, so I'm Sophia. If I think it, it gets shared. I can't help it-- what am I to do?

I don't think we ever did find our Blanche or Dorothy, did we?

So, if anyone wants to audition, send us a tape. If you want to be Blanche, just send a resume. Our hearts can't take a tape of her. We are getting older, after all.

And Miami is calling.

1 comment:

Frances said...

Sign me up for Dorothy Beck, fraid I don't have enuf sperience for Blanche but Miami is my home town.....Miss you all to pieces