Friday, January 30, 2009

My Happy Place...

I love going to France. And the UK. And I love it when I can go to both in an hour.

Yep, World Showcase. Epcot was the first Disney park I ever went to. We did it first because I was afraid the kids wouldn't want to go to Epcot if they went to the others first. We needn't have worried.

Whatever my mood, I find myself smiling as I get near International Gateway.

I make the turn at the bridge and head straight for France. I have a smattering of French blood and a smattering of the lingo. Well, if a smattering is what you get from 7th grade French class 3/4 of the way through the previous millennium, that's what I got. Watching Beauty and the Beast 17 million times also helped. Bonjour! Oui! Oui!

I walk around the pavilion and soak it up-- then I head for the pastry shop. If I knew enough French, I'd realize that they are probably laughing at my feeble attempts to communicate with them. Merci! Eclair!

Thoroughly chagrined (is that a word?) I head for UK where I can talk real language. I get there and realize that I am yet feeble. My Redneck can't hold a candle to the Kings English. Grail! Grail! Hooh!

I head straight for Twinings and drool over the china teapots. I collect teapots and have no more room for another. Slobber.

I buy more tea to go with the tea I have at home. I am mentally planning my next tea party. I don't get much feedback from the tea parties-- Fluffy, Mr. Wiggles and Furrball just never say much about it.

I continue around the Showcase and just soak in.

I am happy.

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